Are Hair Extensions A Good Choice For You? What To Know Before You Get Them

Are you considering getting hair extensions to make your hair look fuller and longer? Although you may want to achieve the desired look, you're likely feeling slightly nervous about getting extensions if you haven't had them before. With plenty of styles and installation methods, you can safely enhance the look of your hair, but there are some essential details to know before you get your extensions installed.

Do Hair Extensions Damage Natural Hair?

One common concern people have before getting extensions is that it would damage their natural hair. However, when properly installed by a professional, the extensions shouldn't cause any breakage or damage. In fact, you can continue growing out your hair while wearing your extensions, but you will need to keep up with maintenance to keep your hair healthy.

Is Maintenance a Must for Hair Extensions?

If you want your natural hair and the extensions to continue looking as good as they did when you left the salon, you will need to take maintenance seriously. Use high-quality shampoo and conditioner, avoid spending too much time in chlorinated pools, and visit the salon regularly to get your extensions checked and moved up. You can style your extensions when they contain human hair, but try not to over-process them or your natural hair because that can easily cause damage.

Can You Swim with Hair Extensions?

If you're an avid swimmer or plan on going on vacation where you may spend time in a chlorinated pool or the ocean, consider using a swim cap. That cap will protect your hair so you don't need to worry about exposing the extensions to the harsh saltwater or chemicals in chlorinated pools. If you're unable to purchase a swim cap, apply conditioner to your natural hair and the extensions before you swim to keep the hair soft and healthy.

How Long Will the Hair Extensions Last?

The length of time you can keep your hair extensions installed depends on the style you've selected and the method of installation chosen. For example, fusion extensions can last for several months, while tape-ins tend to not last as long.

Hair extensions are great when you want to change your hair without waiting months or years for it to grow on its own. You can have beautiful hair if you select premium, real human hair extensions and a suitable installation method completed by a professional.

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