Nail Salon 101: Services To Expect On Your Next Visit

Nail salons are sanctuaries of beauty and relaxation, offering many services designed to pamper your hands and feet. Whether you're a regular or planning your first visit, understanding the available services can enhance your experience. 

This article guides you through the various services you can expect at a nail salon.

Gel Manicure

A gel manicure is a service that involves the application of a special type of nail polish that requires curing under an LED or UV lamp.

The curing process allows the polish to adhere to the nail, providing a glossy finish and durability that can last a few weeks or even longer with the right care. This type of manicure is particularly popular due to its long-lasting nature and resistance to chipping compared to regular nail polish.

A gel manicure typically begins with thoroughly cleaning the nails, then shaping and buffing to prepare your nails for the gel application. Then, a base coat is applied and cured under a lamp. The desired color gel is added in layers, each cured before the next one is applied. Your nail technician can complete the process with a glossy top coat that is also cured under the lamp.

Foot Massages

Foot massages are a luxurious service that you can expect to find at your local nail salon. Known for their relaxing and therapeutic effects, foot massages are more than just a treat for your feet. 

The technician typically begins the massage session by soaking your feet in a warm and fragrant bath. This is followed by a massage of the feet, ankles, and lower legs with scented oils to improve circulation and give you an overall sense of relaxation. 

Once the massage is over, the feet are often exfoliated to remove dead skin cells, leaving them smooth and soft. Some salons offer foot masks or paraffin wax treatment for an added touch of luxury. After the massage, your feet will feel rejuvenated and look their best, ready for a pedicure or your favorite pair of open-toe shoes.


Most nail salons offer waxing services to help keep your hands and feet looking smooth and soft. Waxing is a safe and effective method of removing unwanted hair from the skin on your hands or feet.

At the salon, your technician will start by cleaning and exfoliating the area to be waxed. They may then apply a pre-wax lotion to soothe the skin and prepare it for hair removal. 

The waxing process begins with the application of warm wax that quickly hardens when in contact with skin, making it easier to pull out unwanted hairs. Depending on the area, the technician may use a wooden spatula to apply and remove the wax in different directions.

Afterward, the technician will clean up any residue from the waxing process and treat your skin with a moisturizer to soothe it. Waxing can be done regularly to keep hands and feet looking smooth and hairless for weeks at a time.

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