Low On Testosterone? Try Testosterone Hormone Therapy

If your testosterone levels decline, it may cause a great number of problems to affect your life, including a low sex drive and a lack of energy. If your physician's treatments or recommendations fail to increase your testosterone to an acceptable level, you may choose to accept your plight and go on with your life. Rather than just accept your low testosterone levels, raise them with testosterone hormone therapy. Learn why you have low testosterone and how testosterone hormone therapy can help you below.

Why Did Your Testosterone Levels Decrease?

Several things may potentially lead to or cause your testosterone levels to decrease, including the aging process. As you age, you experience a decline in testosterone throughout your body. A decrease in testosterone can affect multiple areas of your reproductive system. These issues can occur slowly over time, or they can occur suddenly or all at once.

Certain health conditions may also trigger a decline in your male hormones, including prostate cancer. Testosterone controls the amount of semen and sperm you create throughout your lifetime. You can experience infertility and depression as a result of low testosterone. Testosterone hormone therapy may be a good way to raise your hormone levels. 

How Can Hormone Therapy Raise Your Testosterone Levels?

Before you receive therapy to raise your testosterone, you'll need to see if you qualify for it first. Testosterone hormone therapy works best in men who don't suffer from or experience untreated heart conditions, prostate problems, and diabetes. The medication used in hormone therapy may make the conditions worse if they're not managed or treated properly. If you have the conditions above, seek treatment for them before you undergo hormone therapy. 

If you don't have the conditions above, a specialist will complete a testosterone test on you. The test determines how much testosterone your blood currently has in it right now. If the test can't find a sufficient amount of testosterone in your blood, you may qualify for therapy.

After your test, a specialist will introduce man-made testosterone into your body by placing a small patch on your skin or by inserting a special pellet beneath your skin. A specialist may also apply a gel containing testosterone in it on the surface of your skin. All of the treatments will release small dosages of the hormone into your blood and body over time. 

A specialist will monitor the testosterone in your through blood tests and other means. If your hormones remain low, a specialist will increase your therapy doses to increase them.

Learn more about testosterone hormone therapy by consulting a specialist today.

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