Want To Experience A Total Hair Transformation? Explore Professional Hair Coloring Services

With many ways to transform your look, hair coloring services are at the top of the list and can easily change your appearance while enhancing your naturally beautiful features. If you have unprocessed hair, the possibilities for your hair are endless, meaning you can go from your natural color to something much different in one session at the hair salon.

Lighter or Darker?

Before your trip to the salon for hair coloring services, think about whether you would like to go lighter or darker. If you want to go lighter, you will likely need to have the hair bleached and toned to achieve your desired results. However, if you want to go darker, the stylist would mix the color with a lower developer to saturate the hair in that darker shade.

You might not know which would suit you better between lighter or darker hair. If you're indecisive, you can ask the stylist for recommendations or look for hair color inspiration online to get a better feel for what you want to do to your hair to change things up.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

After deciding whether to go lighter or darker, choose between permanent or semi-permanent coloring services. For example, if you're getting your hair bleached, it's permanent. However, if you decide to have a fashion color added on top, such as purple, pink, or even blue, those colors would continue to rinse out over time, taking you back to the original bleached hair at some point.

While most fashion colors are semi-permanent, the stylist can also use semi-permanent hair dye in darker shades, allowing you to switch up your style for a bit before returning to a more natural shade. If you're willing to make a permanent switch and want to have the same color for a while, permanent hair color is an excellent choice.

Cut with the New Color?

To complete your hair transformation, consider getting a new cut that will go great with the new color. You may want curtain bags, a super layered cut, or a bob. Most stylists offer to cut the hair with color services, whether you want a slight trim or a big chop.

Experience a total transformation at the salon with professional coloring services. You can go lighter or darker and get your hair cut to achieve a new and different style from what you're used to having. The stylist will bring your ideas to life to ensure you feel more confident than ever leaving the salon.

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