5 Common Misconceptions About Getting A Facial

Facials are one of the most popular beauty treatments and can treat a wide range of skin issues, from dark spots to acne. Despite the popularity of facials, there are still so many misunderstandings about them. That is why some may be reluctant about getting a facial.

Here are a few misconceptions about facials that you should not believe.

Facials Are Painful

Some people shy away from facials because they think they will hurt. After all, no one likes to be in pain. However, this is just a myth. Although certain parts of a facial, like extractions, may cause some pressure, they should not be painful. If you feel any discomfort during a facial, you should let your esthetician know right away.

Facials Are Only Useful for Matured Skin

It is sometimes assumed that facials are only good for people with mature skin. However, they can actually be beneficial for people of all ages. In fact, it may be better to start getting facials at a younger age as a preventative measure. Then, you may be able to slow down the skin aging process.

Facials Provide Instant Results

Too many people book facials, expecting that they will achieve instant results. While your skin may look and feel refreshed after one facial, the results usually are not immediate. Depending on your specific skin problem, you may need several facials to achieve noticeable results.

At-Home Facials Are Just As Good 

Some people may choose at-home facials to save a few bucks. At-home facials are less expensive than professional facials, but they definitely are not the same quality. Plus, certain facials may be risky to apply yourself. That is why it is worth it to invest in a professional facial. A skilled esthetician will know how to safely apply the facial and give you the results you desire.

Facials Cause Breakouts

This is another common misconception about facials. However, as long a you go to a trained esthetician, you should not have to worry about getting breakouts after a facial. They will know what products to use for your specific skin type and be extra careful. 

As you can see, there are quite a few myths about facials. Do not believe them. If you are dealing with a skin issue, like acne scars or hyperpigmentation, consider getting a facial. Contact a professional esthetician to schedule a consultation today to talk about your needs.

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