Things To Check When You Buy Leave-In Conditioner

There are all sorts of different products on the market that can make your hair look its best. When you visit a salon to have someone cut and style your hair, it's worthwhile to ask them about the products that you should use at home. Most salons sell a wide range of high-end hair products, and you can expect that your stylist will enthusiastically recommend a few for you. Many people love using leave-in conditioners, which can augment the appearance of your hair. If you're looking at different bottles of this product, here are some things to check.

Hair Type

One thing that you should notice when you compare bottles of leave-in conditioner is that they can be formulated to suit different hair types. This means that if your hair is naturally straight, you'll want to buy a leave-in conditioner product for straight hair — rather than one that is formulated for curly hair. You can even buy a leave-in conditioner that is especially suited for colored hair, which will be important if you've had your stylist color your hair during the salon visit.


Leave-in conditioners have a scent, and this is another important thing to consider when you shop for a bottle of this product. The scent of various products can vary a lot, both in terms of the type of scent and its strength. Some leave-in conditioners have a very mild scent, which can be a good fit for someone who doesn't favor strong scents in their personal care products. Others have scents that are more pronounced, and you'll want to test a few of these to see what scent appeals to you most. Something that smells fresh and floral, for example, can be a popular choice for many people.


Think about how often you wash your hair, as this will help you to evaluate how long you'll likely leave your leave-in conditioner in your hair. When you look at different products, you'll see different duration recommendations. For example, one product may recommend that you leave it in your hair for up to a certain number of hours, while another product may be suitable to use for far more hours. A lot of people prefer the latter type of product, as it will keep their hair looking its best for a longer duration. Talk to your stylist to learn more about leave-in conditioners and get help choosing the right one for you.

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