Feeling Stressed? Get Help With A Spa Visit

Stress causes more than an occasional sleepless night. Long-term stress can increase the risk of illness and make life impossible to enjoy. Spas enable people to indulge and reward themselves, but the benefits go far beyond feeling indulged. Many of the services provide proven mental and physical benefits.

Destress with a Facial

Many people reward themselves with a facial during a spa visit. Most spas with facials offer luxurious creams for boosting skin texture. They also include facial massages during the service to improve circulation for a rosy glow. The treatment helps people relax and have a rejuvenated appearance.

People may think their outlook improves after salon facials because they had a few minutes of self-care and relaxation. Those benefits can add to a happier mental state. A biomedical research study, however, determined the treatments also offer verifiable health benefits. A facial massage may reduce stress by activating the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

SNS is the fight-or-flight response in the body. Long-term activation of the system through stressful events can cause health problems. Activating it through a calming process like a facial massage helps address overactivity by allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to take over and shut down the overactivity of the SNS.

Relax with a Massage

Stress reduction is one of the many benefits of deep tissue massage. Undergoing regular deep tissue massage therapy may help relieve pain, improve circulation, improve digestion, and more. Anyone experiencing the side effects of chronic stress, like depression and anxiety, should consider this spa treatment.

Massages, particularly those lasting at least an hour, release serotonin and lower cortisol. Stress can cause reduced levels of serotonin in the body. Increasing the hormone to its appropriate level makes people feel relaxed, happier, and more focused.

Adding to the effect is the reduction in the stress hormone cortisol. Usually, the release of cortisol happens quickly and causes no harm. Long-term exposure to cortisol, caused by consistently feeling stressed and anxious, increases the risk of many physical and psychological ailments. Lowering cortisol through regularly scheduled massages can ensure the hormone level remains healthy and beneficial to the system.

Many other spa services help people reduce stress and feel better. Many people include other treatments like aromatherapy and reflexology in their massages and facials for added benefits. Regardless of the specific treatment choices, spas offer the ability to relax, forget about life, and do something that boosts self-confidence. Stress reduction opportunities improve the quality of life and help many people stay healthier physically and psychologically. 

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