RF Microneedling Helps Improve The Appearance Of Your Arm Skin

RF microneedling is a cosmetic skin treatment that can be used on your face and body to treat a number of skin problems. The procedure can be used for fine lines, loose skin, acne scars, crepey skin, cellulite, stretch marks, collagen loss, hyperpigmentation, and enlarged pores. If you're embarrassed by the way the skin on your arms looks, talk to a dermatologist about microneedling. Here's how it might help.

Common Problems With Arm Skin

Since your arms are often exposed to the sun, you might have a lot of wrinkles on your arms as you age. The skin may be loose due to age or weight loss. You might have a serious problem with crepey skin that makes you look older than you feel. You might even have stretch marks on your upper arms if you've lost a lot of weight. Microneedling can address many of these skin problems. The procedure may not be suitable in all cases, though. If you have a lot of excess skin due to weight loss, fat-removal surgery might be better. A dermatologist can help you decide on the best way to improve the appearance of your arm skin.

RF Microneedling Improves Collagen

RF microneedling combines needles and radiofrequency energy to damage your skin in a controlled way. Your skin responds by beginning the repair process, which includes increasing the production of collagen. A loss of collagen is responsible for many skin problems, and a loss of collagen is natural as you age. With more collagen in your skin, your skin gets tighter and firmer. Additionally, wrinkles and scar marks can fill in. This effect is caused by the fine needle punctures to your skin during the treatment along with the application of radiofrequency waves that heat up the deep layers of skin. Both of these treatments increase collagen, and when given together, the results are enhanced.

Full Results Take Time

RF microneedling provides both instant and long-term results. Instant results are caused by contraction of tissues under your skin from the radiofrequency energy. The results that take time to reveal themselves come about as collagen builds up under your skin. During this time, your practitioner may recommend that you have multiple treatments to get your desired effect. The treatments are given with a handheld device that can cover a fairly large area at once, so it doesn't take long to treat both of your arms. You don't need downtime to recover, but you'll want to protect your arms from the sun immediately after the treatment and always wear sunscreen for the long term to help maintain your results.

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