The Days After Liposuction

Liposuction is a tried and true way to get rid of unwanted fat pockets. Today, the procedure tends to be safer and less invasive than ever before. Doctors often use ultrasound to guide them during liposuction, and the cannulas used to suction out fat cells are smaller than they used to be. In spite of these advances, however, liposuction remains an invasive procedure. As such, you will need to take a few days to recover after your liposuction treatment. Here are a couple of tips to follow during that recovery period.

Change your bandages on schedule

Your doctor should tell you how often to change your bandages after liposuction. Make sure you stick to this recommended schedule. Routine bandage changes are important for keeping your incisions clean and ensuring prompt healing. Some people avoid bandage changes because they do not want to see or touch the incisions. If the incisions bother you so much that you are tempted to skip bandage changes, consider having a friend or family member change your bandages for you.

Drink plenty of water

The wounds left behind from liposuction tend to leak a lot of lymph fluid. This means that as you recover, your body will be losing fluid. You should replace that fluid by drinking plenty of water as you recover. Drinking plenty of water will also ensure that your blood volume stays adequate, which will ensure your healing tissues get the nutrients they need to heal and recover. Keep a bottle near you, and sip water throughout the day. If your urine is darker than pale yellow, then you need to drink a bit more.


You might be excited about your new body and ready to show it off at the gym or on the bike path. But hold off on that exercise for at least a week or two. For the first few days after liposuction, you really need to rest. Lie back, watch your favorite TV shows, or read a book that you have been waiting to enjoy. The less active you are at this time, the more resources your body will have to focus on healing from liposuction. 

If you follow the tips above, you will have an easier time recovering from liposuction treatment. Contact a liposuction fat reduction treatment service in your area to learn more about the procedure and what you'll need to do during the recovery period. 

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